Godrej Woodland Faqs

Godrej Woodland FAQ's

The project Godrej Woodland is situated on Chikkatirupathi Road, Sarjapur Extension.

The venture is situated on the primary street (National Highway 207) with ~65m facade.

The absolute visualized region for development is appx. 100 acres of land with appx.70 acres of land being anticipated advancement in the main Phase .

Unit Type Saleable Area
Cottage(30x30) 900 Sq Ft
Bunglows (30x40) 1200 Sq Ft
Mansion (30x50) 1500 Sq Ft
Estate (30x60) 1800 Sq Ft

Yes, there is Chikkatirupati sanctuary near by.

The undertaking is situated on the principle street (National Highway 207) with ~65m facing

The undertaking offers incredible availability to Sarjapur Main Road, Outer Ring Road and Whitefield

There are numerous street widths, we will have a 18m spinal street. Aside from this there will be dominant part 9m wideroads and one truck track street of 12m width in the undertaking.

The footpath is 1.5m wide to the roads.

This incorporates a pathway, grower on one sides of a 6m clear carriageway. A help line will likewise run along the carriageway.

This incorporates a planter,a walk pathway,a 2 way bicylce track and a 7m two way carport.

In spite of the fact that not prudent, it is permitted

The material used is Concrete/Pavers/Bitumen.

: An aggregate of 6 purposes of passages/exits are arranged in the in general imagined 100 acres of land improvement. Out of these 5 purposes of section/leave will come in Phase 1 of the turn of events.

There are reserved retail plots. These will be offered to outcasts and they will be free to assemble any retail structure in the equivalent. There are no particular built retail parcels by Godrej in the turn of events. In any case, we will have an undeniable clubhouse (comprehensive of a café) and an auxiliary segment which will house a creche, store and so on

Indeed, you can have 2 passageways

No, there are no limitations despite the fact that the whole site will be monitored by security all day, every day

No. There will be no limitations. Indeed, even outsiders will be conceded admittance to the clubhouse. In any case, paces of utilization may fluctuate premise model of membership. If the club is given over to the relationship sometime not too far off, the relationship in meeting with everything inhabitants may outline their own guidelines and charges for utilization.

The clubhouse including the subordinate retail construction will be appx.50k sq.ft. joined. Aside from this, we will have appx. 22 sections of land of finished region out of which appx.12 acres of land will be created as parks, jungle gyms and nurseries. The excess will be forest and trails.

All interior streets are 9m streets

As of now the club house is wanted to be held by Godrej and go through a specialist co-op like Spree cordiality. It will be available to public premise enrollment. Proper charges will be appropriate against use of specific offices. These charges will rely upon the methodology of membership. No seperate upkeep will be charged to the relationship until Godrej look after it. In the event that the club is given over to the relationship at a later period, a support expenses as specified by the affiliation might be pertinent.

No, we won't have a PMC.

The club will be maitained by Godrej through a named office. Support expenses won't be charged to clients. However, membership expenses will be charged for its utilization at financed rates. On the off chance that the club is given over to the affiliation ata later period, an upkeep charges as specified by the affiliation might be pertinent.

No, Godrej won't build singular houses or aiding the equivalent.

2 plots can be consolidated by methods for a mixture interaction. Post the amalgamantion, a business space can be buit upon change (CLU) of the particular joined plot to business zone from a current private endorsement. This be that as it may, must be finished by the purchasers post enrollment of plots by GPL in the wake of getting all essential consents from the skilled specialists.

Truly. It will cover the basic territories of the whole property. It won't be accommodated singular plots.

No, there is no seperate sump for each plot. There will be a delta water point accommodated each plot which will be the wellspring of water. This can be coordinated to the sump by the purchaser into a sump worked without help from anyone else whenever required.

The majority of the plots are neighboring one another and share a typical limit. For plots situated on either roadsides, the street width characterizes the base distance between plots.

There is no club enrollment. The new purchaser needs to pay membership and utilization charges as appropriate on the off chance that he needs to utilize the club house.

Truly, it tends to be painted in any tone

And STRR (Satellite Town Ring Road) authority which goes under BMRDA

E Khatha and Property Tax Payment Khata Issued by the Panchayat.

Hoskote sub enlistment center office

The undertaking doesn not have a joined FSI as it is a design improvement. In any case, the individual plots have FSI limitations as underneath:

  • upto 9 M Road-1.5 FSI
  • more than 9 to 12m Road - 1.75 FSI
  • more than 12 to 18m-2 FSI
  • more than 18 to 24m - 2.25 FSI
  • over 24m - 2.5 FSI

As it's a plotted turn of events, it does'nt need a DP. Just format plan is required

StudioPOD (Mumbai).

We don't have any PMC.

We don't have any PMC.

The size of the greater part of the plots range from 900-1800 sq.ft. There are additionally some odd molded plots which have fluctuating sizes.

We will have one primary clubhouse and one ancilary structure which will house the creche, store and so forth

  • 30 X 30 - No DG power. Typical BESCOM force of 4KW
  • 30 X 40 - No DG power. Typical BESCOM force of 6KW
  • 30 X 50 - No DG power. Ordinary BESCOM force of 6KW
  • 30 X 60 - No DG power. Ordinary BESCOM force of 6KW

Common regions total force back up will be 1030 KvA out of which 500 KvA is made arrangements for the clubhouse.